Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Extra! Extra! Bead All About It!

Welcome to our weekly Bead Art Originals news update, where we share newsworthy events submitted to our newsroom by our members. Check out this week's installment of Extra! Extra! Bead All About It!

New cuff listing:

was featured on Naama Zamir's blog

has a small celebration in the offing...

This week thebeadedlily on etsy will garner its 3000th heart!
Warm fuzzies!
Sarah has decided to celebrate by offering a shop-wide unprecedented 30% off for 30 hours,
and she's not keeping it a secret this time and saving the discount for returning customers only.

thebeadedlily on etsy is 15 hearts away right now,
and the sale will go live as soon as Sarah sees heart number 3000.

So heart your favorites now and keep an eye out to snap them up this week!

is running a bead challenge!

The winner will receive a copy of Beading Across America and a $25 gift certificate.